People brag about their Badger!!

This light takes the scary out of walking my dog after dark! I can see all the way across my neighborhood!

Ramey E.

My Boy Scouts already tried to swipe it for their next camp out.

Jason B.

In 15 years plus in law enforcement this is the brightest flashlight I have ever had or seen!.. Can't go wrong with Blue Badger.

D. Stewart

The best flashlight you can ever own. I purchased one before Christmas and very happy I did!!

Dan D.

 I’ve used Maglite my whole career. All I can say is, “Bye Bye Maglite.” 

C. Simpson

...we live out in the country with no street lights. It illuminates the forest when we let our dogs out at night. You will not be disappointed!

Laura D.

This flashlight was absolutely indispensable during hurricane Irma. There was no worry about battery for the five days we were without power. This should be in your house. It is a great tool.

Dale W.

It was amazing and very easy for me to handle...Absolutely love this light...

Elaine T.

 Great choice for Law Enforcement, flounder gigging, hunting, camping, or just around the house. I have yet to meet a person who was not amazed by the incredible brightness of this light.

Brandon E.

We are Proudly American Owned!

Need maximum illumination the Blue Badger has you covered!

Our rugged, ultra-bright flashlights are designed with extreme conditions in mind. Badger Lights are ideal for use in professional security, hunting, boating, camping, personal protection, home use, and more.

Offering the latest Circuit and Battery technology makes our rechargeable flashlights the best flashlight you have ever owned!